August 4, 2016

Regardless of whether our client has suffered a serious personal injury because of someone else’s negligence or because of a motor vehicle accident, an issue that comes up in virtually every single case has to deal with pre-existing conditions. There’s a legal concept here, it’s called the eggshell plaintiff rule. Now the eggshell plaintiff rule says if you cause an injury to someone else, but that person happens to be especially vulnerable because of a pre-existing medical condition, you take them as you find them. Which means even if you had a pre-existing medical condition if that medical condition is worsened as a result of this accident or injury the person who caused it is still ultimately responsible for it. Now this can get especially complicated but that’s where the experts that we engage, medical and legal experts, are able to parse that out for the jury. If you have questions about pre-existing conditions & a serious personal injury or want to learn more go to or give a call for a free consultation. 813-258-4998